Growth Hacking Your Career

growth hacking-02

Through Growth Hacking, my vision is to take Zuloc to the next level: building a massive outreach to connect professionals via our proximity-based networking app. These techniques are quite powerful and lean as evidenced by its implementation by large and successful companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb to name a few. Its substantive and impactful characteristics fuelled my inspiration and got me into thinking, “How one could apply Growth Hacking techniques to either gain employment or make better career progression?” Whether you are working in a start-up or a multinational, Growth Hacking your career will help you develop the competitive edge.

Your Skills = Market Fit: finding the right balance

Tailor your skills to what your potential employers are looking for makes you all the more relevant. Learn “What is in demand” and “Be updated”. Gaining the right skills and drawing from unique experiences, establishes that perfect balance and makes you an attractive prospect. Resources such as (Treehouse, Udemy, Skillshare have helped me develop my skill set to find the right market fit, early in my career.

growth hacking-03

DON’T SCALE. Create YOUR path.

Once you have identified the right market fit for your skills, execute and gain experiences. Hustle an internship. Get involved in projects. Create your own? The global market is more competitive than ever, you have to stand out! Establish that head-start in order to get hired. For instance, if you are looking to apply for a Business Development role, then researching your prospective company, creating a robust sales pitch and getting prospective leads helps you demonstrate your game plan during an interview.

YOU in your employer’s shoes.

“I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person.” Mark Zuckerberg’s golden rule for hiring new employees. Try to think like your potential employer in order to understand what they’re looking for and how hiring decisions are made so you can strategize a way into the role. Also, your thinking should be in line with your employer’s values and you should be able to clearly communicate, “Why would I be a great fit in their team?”

growth hacking-04

YOU: the selling point.

You need to go beyond your CV and work on your Personal Branding. If you showcase your portfolio via a digital forum such as your own personal website, blogs and niche-based social networks: it will get you noticed, demonstrate relevance and helps you stand out.

I hope my post has given you some food for thought on “Growth Hacking Your Career.” Please share this with your colleagues and friends!


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