FOUR pearls to strengthening Your Professional Relationship


1. Taking the initiative.

When the goals of a project have been outlined: be curious. Wait for the opportune moment. Speak up. Don’t worry about its impact. It’s the commitment to the team and bringing in fresh perspectives that matters. Make your mark.


2. Be the contributor to your network.

Leverage your exiting connections, whom may potentially be looking for new opportunities ranging from career advancement or simply discovering like-minded. The people you associate with is critical in determining how you put your best foot forward.


3. Your actions = Your responsibility.

In our quest to be consistent and successful, we do make mistakes along the way. That’s what “being human” means. Drop the ego. Have the courage to own up to them. What establishes genuine respect from your peers and superiors is an ability to look at mistakes as opportunities to learn what went wrong and how not to repeat them. Playing the blame game leads you nowhere and does irreplaceable damage.


4. Small gestures go a long way.

The workforce is a living organism therefore it needs to be carefully nurtured and allowed to breathe. Encourage an open culture in the work environment. Emphasize on free flowing thoughts irrespective of hierarchy, especially with regard to ways to boost the overall motivation and super-charging productivity. This will further fuel the growth momentum of the organization as a whole.


I hope my post has given you some food for thought on “strengthening your Professional relationships”. Please share this with your colleagues and friends !


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